About us
About us

Llanw is a wholly owned subsidiary of Valleys to Coast Housing Ltd, providing property repairs and maintenance services to more than 6000 homes across Bridgend.

Our name means tidal in Welsh, representing our commitment to adapt and respond to the constant movement and changes of our customers’ needs, just as nature and people adapt to the ebb and flow of the tides.



Just like the tide, we will be

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Valleys to Coast Housing Group

Providing homes and places where people feel safe and happy is our very purpose. That’s why we have created Llanw, to improve, grow and develop our repairs and maintenance for your homes. Learn more about the why, what, when and how.

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Meet the team

Paul Price
Managing Director of Llanw
With four decades of experience in the housing sector, Paul is steering our course to success as the Managing Director of Llanw. Paul will ensure seamless operations and exceptional service for our customers.
Shaun McGregor
Operations Manager
As Operations Manager, Shaun is the driving force behind our responsive repairs. Shaun ensures that our responsive repairs not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers.
Sian Macnamara
Business Support Manager
Sian is the heartbeat of our operational efficiency, ensuring that our team delivers prompt and reliable services. Sian's goal is to ensure that we provide timely and effective solutions to our customers.
James Burton
Commercial Manager
James leads our endeavours to drive business success and build strategic partnerships. James' focus is on building strong partnerships that will contribute to our vision of building a better Bridgend and Wales.